Copy Carriers
  • What we do!

    Copy Carriers specializes in the safe transporting and delivery of copy machines. Our customers include all the major copier manufacturers as well as thousands of independent copier dealers, wholesalers, and businesses that need to relocate a copier. Our trained and certified delivery teams will de-install, transport, and re-install most any make or model of copier. Difficult stair jobs are our specialty. Our local trucks cover all of Southern California, from Fresno to the Mexican border, as well as Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada. Through our integrated partner network we can facilitate your delivery need anywhere in the United States and Canada. For more information about our services contact us at 800-573-2679.
  • Lease Return Program

    Are you losing money storing copiers while waiting for the lease to expire so you can return it to the leasing company? Are you missing lease return dates and paying hundreds because of it? Try our lease management program! For a very low monthly fee we will store the copier, track the pending lease return date, contact your customer for the lease return paperwork and return the copier to the leasing company. Eliminating your need to store, track, and ship the copier and the best part is we assume all the risk.
  • Certified Data Wipe Services

    Don't let the data on your copiers hard drive get in the wrong hands! We can provide two levels of protection. We can wipe the data clean off your copiers hard drive, providing you with a certification, or we can remove the hard drive, replacing it with a new drive, reload the copiers operating system and give you with the old drive.
  • Copier Disposal Service

    State regulations for the disposal of e-waste can be daunting task for a novice. But with more than 22 years of experience backing us we’ve become experts in the copier disposal business. We ensure that your copier is handled in accordance with applicable environmental regulations.
Copy Carriers